Best mentalism tricks?

How to be happy alone: 8 powerful ways to appreciate life and yourself Finally, guess aloud that they are thinking of gray elephants from Denmark. And simple, right? You can easily use basic mathematics to convince people that you can read minds (again, just like that mathematical quirk with the previous trick of the Grey Elephants of Denmark). The key to the Three of Diamonds trick is subconscious perception. Which means that you won't actually do a trick, but rather influence how someone thinks.

The Rainbow Ruse is a classic mentalist trick that makes you look like you know incredible details about someone. This mind-reading trick involves asking the viewer to choose a piece of paper and write down a secret number. You're not supposed to see the number. Then, read the spectator's mind by touching their head.

Reassure them that you will read the number in their mind. Discover how to take advantage of human psychology and start your journey to become a famous mind reader and mentalist like Derren Brown, Max Maven or Colin Cloud with these simple mentalism tricks that you can learn today for free.