How Do Mentalist Read Your Mind?

A mentalist will try to use mind tricks to read your mind. They'll ask you to think of a number and write it down, and the really good ones can employ others to help them read your mind without accessories. This usually happens when there are people in the audience that they have chosen themselves. Ask someone to think of any number.

Then tell them to add the next higher number to that first number (so if they choose 20, tell them to add 2.In front of a group, ask someone to whisper a number between 1 and 20 to their friend and say they can “read” it. Gently place your hands on your temples and count the number of times you feel the muscles in your temples tighten (which naturally occurs when you clench your teeth). Only the person determined to study the art of mentalism reads more than half a dozen pages of a mentalism book, which for the layman is almost as interesting as an advanced work of algebra. The main difference between a mentalist and a magician is that a mentalist tries to convince you that they have real abilities, whereas a magician never does.

Mentalists do a very good job of creating the illusion that they can read people's minds, but in most cases mind reading is pure mentalism ruse. If you have more questions about mentalism or magic, I'll try to answer them (or specifically how a mentalist reads the mind), please comment below with your questions. Mentalism illusion mentalists magician magicians magic tricks derren brown telepathy mental book thinking demented imagination. Mentalists use an enormous range of tactics to achieve what looks like mind reading or mental influence.

The effect of mentalism on the audience is to read the mind, but when artists such as magicians and mentalists perform, the method and effect are rarely the same. Just as a magician has a dozen mechanical techniques at his disposal, either to force you to choose a card or to discover a card that you freely selected, mentalists can use a dozen cognitive devices to read your thinking with their mental exploits. A mentalist must be pleasant, charismatic, polite, charming and courteous in order for his performance to entertain no matter how good the tricks of mentalism are. I and other mentalists like Max Maven, strict mentalists like Derren Brown and Patrick Jane reject such vulgar manifestations (especially Derren Brown).

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